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When a patient presents at an emergency room, the first order of business is to stabilize them regardless of their funding source. Nothing can move forward until that happens. The same is true of any organization’s success. Even the best intentions can’t overcome a lack of time and resources.

SydCura can help you achieve the organizational stability you need to make sure your mission succeeds. Here’s how we do that.

Uninsured Care Management

Our innovative model reduces uninsured care costs and inefficiencies:

Managed Care Protocols

  • Develop program guidelines
  • Automate clinical review
  • Apply national utilization management criteria
  • Centralize clinical coordination

Provider Network Management

  • Conduct provider analysis
  • Enhance provider network
  • Credential providers
  • Maintain provider data
  • Establish provider call center
  • Educate and communicate with providers

Claims Process & Accuracy

  • Configure program guidelines
  • Adjudicate claims utilizing national CCI edits
  • Manage custom fee schedules
  • Accept electronic claims/EFT payment options
  • Mitigate Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Operational Tools & Business Insights

  • Review real-time participant level data
  • Identify trends and actionable opportunities
  • Leverage high-performing providers
  • Provide turnkey care delivery models
  • Provide managed care program eligibility screening and enrollment assistance

The Reality of Care Costs in the US.

Nationally, hospital costs for uncompensated care to uninsured patients totaled $41.6 billion in 2019 according to the American Hospital Association.

Learn how SydCura can reduce costs.

A Customized Approach

SydCura has a menu of services to assist safety-net hospitals. Each client is unique. We are agile and flexible in our implementation of services. We can phase in our services or implement a full program depending on the client’s specific needs.

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Together, we can decrease excess utilization and operational inefficiencies to reduce these costs and better serve our communities.

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